Fujimoto-bayashi Renchu

Fujimoto-bayashi and Kotobuki-jishi (Kotobuki Shishimai)

Fujimoto-bayashi is a traditional festival music troupe that emerged around the turn of the twentieth century. It was led by the head of the religious association for Nagasaki Fujizuka, a mound representing Mount Fuji in what is now Toshima City’s Takamatsu area. As is characteristic of the festival music of old Tokyo, the troupe is made up of five musicians and belongs to the Kanda-Oma style. Its music is distinguished by the idyllic sounds of the flute and the brisk beat of the shime-daiko (a small taiko drum with its head pulled taut with ropes). Every year in Nagasaki Shrine’s annual festival on the second Saturday and Sunday in September, the troupe performs on yatai (festival floats shaped like houses) that are decorated with lanterns and paraded through the neighborhood, spreading an energetic and festive atmosphere.

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